Jason Williamson 2017 Texas Fest Recap

June 26, 2017

First of all I would like to say what a lake. This is in my opinion the best lake in the country. Texas over the years has been so good to me, I love Texas. This was our second largest event of the season and I was able to make it to championship Sunday. This was one event that I can say I made a lot of the right choices on the water. Day one went as planned and I had 19 lbs. fishing out deep with my buckeye jig. Day two about 1pm I only had 11 lbs. and decided to abandon my deep stuff and went shallow. Within one hour I had 24 lbs. flipping cypress trees and I must say this was one of the best decisions of my career. If I had not have made this decision I would have been going home after day two, instead I was sitting in 4th place going into day 3. Day three was a little tuff for me only catching 15 lbs. but I scrambled around and caught one big one that kept me in the hunt for the final day.With a day off before the finals the storms rolled through leaving us with hard winds straight out of the north which really made it nearly impossible for me to fish the same areas I had been. The final day rolls around and I ran all new water in search of five big ones to give myself a shot at winning the event. I caught a lot of fish throughout the day but never caught any big ones. I ended up with 12 lbs. and finishing 12th place which moved me back up to 4 in the angler of the race.

Jason Williamson 2017 Ross Barnett Recap

June 26, 2017

This was my first time ever fishing Ross Barnett. After the first day of practice I realized it was going to fish very small. When you have a small fishery like this it puts a lot of guys in the same areas fishing the same stuff the exact same way.  This normally means lower weights over all for the event and also make for a lot of adjustments throughout the day. I was able to manage a decent limit of fish the first day and was in the top 50. I felt pretty good about that after a rough practice and was looking forward to the second day. The afternoon leading up to day 2 we had bad storms with heavy rain and wind. When day 2 started I realized a lot of my water was muddy from the rain and wind. I made adjustments throughout the day however just never made the right one only catching 3 fish for 7 lbs. This put me in 73 place for the event. Not exactly what I wanted but was still in the top ten in the angler of the year points which gives me a lot to look forward to heading into Texas.

Jason Williamson 2017 Toledo Bend Reservoir Recap

May 26, 2017

This event started off slow for me. After the first day I was sitting in 66th place. However, the second day I put my head down and went to work catching an 8lb fish with 5 min to go. A true blessing and that one fish propelled me all the way to the top 25 and also allowed me to fish the third day where I caught  another decent bag putting me in the top 20 for the event. Started rough but ended great.

- J-Will

Jason Williamson 2017 Lake Conroe Recap

March 28, 2017

Just finished up with the Bassmaster Classic in Houston Texas on Lake Conroe. I had a great event making the top 25 and fishing on championship Sunday. What a incredible week it was from fishing Lake Conroe to visiting the expo and spending time with all the great fishing fans from the state of Texas. Texas is by far my favorite state for bass fishing. They say everything is bigger in Texas and after fishing Lake Conroe I'd say the fish and the waves are definitely bigger. Cant wait to get back.

Jason Williamson 2017 Lake Okeechobee Recap

February 26, 2017

Jason Williamson finished 8th overall and carries the force of two straight top 20 finishes into the Bassmaster Classic at Lake Conroe in late March. It’ll be his second Classic appearance, and he has his eyes not only on that trophy, but also on this year’s Angler of the Year title. He currently sits in 2nd in the AOY race, just a few big bass out of the leader’s chair.

Total Weight: 69lb - 10oz
Total Winnings: $12,500