Thank you for your interest in becoming an authorized Champion Power Equipment Home Standby dealer. This course will walk you through the basic understanding of our Home Standby systems and there operations. Prior to starting this training we ask that you read and understand the training manual thoroughly. During this course you will be taken through a series of videos and technical publications that you need to understand before proceeding to the next section. This training course will take around an hour to go through and complete. There will be seven sections followed by a multiple choice test and a closing statement thereafter. All of these videos and technical publications will be available on the dealers only portal to which you will gain access to upon passing the multiple choice test.  This program covers the basic knowledge of Champion Power Equipment’s Home Standby generators (HSB) and their Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS). This information is not all inclusive and Champion Power Equipment strongly recommends the owner and installer become familiar with local codes, standards and regulations. Always check for the latest publications date to ensure you have current information. Have only a qualified/certified electrician, pipe fitter and Champion Power Equipment installation technician who is current and knowledgeable about applicable codes, standards and regulations install and service the generator system.

Please be sure to print or save a copy of the training manual for reference.

Please Note: Each Company will need to submit only ONE test for certification. It is your companies responsibility to have any and all technicians that may be working with our home standby systems familiarize themselves with this training program.

The documents included in the training process require Adobe Acrobat Reader (a free program from Adobe Systems) to be installed on your computer. If you do not already have it installed, please click on the link below to download a copy.


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