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Important Product Recall Notice: Models 41532 and 41332

For Immediate Release


Note: Due to an extremely high call volume, wait times may be extensive. We apologize in advance for any additional inconvenience this may cause you. We are working as quickly and diligently as possible.

Champion Power Equipment has issued a voluntary product recall on the following products sold at Costco USA:

  • Model # 41532 – 9000 Watt / 7000 Watt Wireless Remote Electric Start Portable Generator (Retail $699)
  • Model # 41332 – 8250 Watt / 6500 Watt Wireless Remote Electric Start Portable Generator (Retail $699)

This recall has been issued due to a potential fire hazard caused by fuel leakage.

This recall affects the model numbers listed above that fall within the following Serial Number range:

Automated Serial Number Checker →

Mfg. Model # Costco ITM. # Serial # Range
41532 562296 11NOV1400151 11NOV1400360
11DEC0700001 11DEC0700720
11DEC1301077 11DEC1302516
11DEC1400983 11DEC1402602
11DEC2201801 11DEC2203600
11DEC2501531 11DEC2503330
11DEC2801073 11DEC2801325
Mfg. Model # Costco ITM. # Serial # Range
41332 613053 11NOV2600701 11NOV2601500

For more information regarding this recall, and how to proceed if you own a product affected by the recall, please call our proprietary recall information line toll-free at 1-855-236-9424.
You may download a full copy of the recorded message here: 41532 & 41332 Recall Information Messge (PDF).



To become an Authorized Champion Service Technician, please call: 1-855-236-9424.To order a FREE repair kit, please accurately fill out and submit our RECALL REPLACEMENT PARTS ORDER FORM to process your order online. Or, call 1-855-236-9424. The kit includes all necessary replacement parts as well as a detailed set of illustrated instructions.
If you would like more of an understanding of what is required for the repair before you order your replacement parts, you may download and view a PDF copy of the carburetor replacement instructions.



Why is Champion Power Equipment conducting this recall?
We have identified that the float inside the carburetor can get stuck and flood the carburetor with fuel. This fuel has the potential to leak out around the generator and possibly cause a fire hazard. Therefore we are conducting this recall to keep our customer’s safe and prevent injuries by replacing the problem component on the generator.

How can I tell if my generator is affected by the recall?
Your generator has a unique serial number. Please check to see if your serial number falls within the range listed in the tables above. (Note: See the photos below to locate your serial number.)

How do I find my serial number?
The serial number for your product is located on the side of the product above the alternator as well as on the product packaging. Please see photos below for exact location of serial numbers. If you need assistance finding your serial number, please call 1-855-236-9424.

41532/41332 Serial Number Location

41532/41332 Serial Number Location

My serial number does fall into the range above. How do I participate in the recall?
Please call our toll-free number 1-855-236-9424 between the hours of 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM (PDT) Monday – Friday. Our support staff will verify the serial number with you and connect you with a local Champion authorized service center where you can take the generator and have a replacement carburetor installed.

What is the problem with the generator?
In a small number of units we have found that a tight tolerance on the float valve in the carburetor causes flooding of fuel that can leak and possibly cause a fire hazard.

My generator appears to be okay. Can I continue to use it?
No. Even though your generator appears to be safe, we are asking all customers to immediately stop using the generator and participate in the recall by having carburetor replaced free of charge.

I no longer have the receipt for the generator. Can I still participate in the recall?
Yes. Please call 1-855-236-9424 and we will direct you to a service center.

How long will it take for me to receive the repair/replacement?
Please allow up to 2 weeks from the date you contacted us. We apologize for any inconvenience, and assure you we are working as quickly as possible to repair your generator.

How much will a repair or replacement cost me?
Nothing. You have two options: 1) You may have the generator repaired for FREE by an Authorized Champion Service Center, or 2) You may return the generator to Costco for a FREE replacement or FULL REFUND. To locate and Authorized Champion Service Center, please call 1-855-236-9424.

Will I be able to repair the generator myself?
You need to be an Authorized Champion Service Technician to perform the repair. To become an Authorized Champion Service Technician, please call 1-855-236-9424.