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Jason Lentz

Jason Lentz was born on July 7, 1985, in Elkins, W.Va. He grew up in a small town called Diana in Webster County, W.Va. Throughout his childhood, he watched his father Melvin Lentz (The King of Lumberjacks) compete all over the United States. Jason had little interest in wood chopping until the age of 13, when he competed in his first event at the Webster County Wood Chopping Festival. It was the first junior division championship held in the United States and he came out with a win. When he returned home after college he had the opportunity to go to China, to perform in lumberjack exhibitions off and on for three years. When Lentz returned home for good, he really set his sights on becoming a professional lumberjack, like his father. Timber Sports runs in the Lentz family and is one of the oldest names in the sport, dating back to the early 30โ€™s. Jason, who is a fourth generation lumberjack, competed for the first time in The Stihl Timber Sports series in 2010 and has been competing professionally ever since. In 2019, Lentz won three tournaments, finished runner-up in seven and had a total of 13 top-five placements.

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Next Event

Event Lumberjack Championships
Location Bedford, PA
Date August 7, 2020 โ€“ August 9, 2020

Stats & Bio

Hometown Elkins, WV
Birthdate July 7, 1985
Stihl Series Since 2010
World Title in Sydney Australia 2nd American to Win
Single Buck Races 9 Wins in 2017

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