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Jess Lockwood

When you think of accomplishment, you think about Jess Lockwood. He has held many titles ranging from rookie of the year in 2016 to the youngest world champion in PBR history for 2017. Jess also became the youngest two-time world champion of PBR's history in 2019 and held the record for most earnings in a single season of the same year. Currently, he has 29 sanctioned event wins. When he is not professionally bull riding, you can find him being a full-time cattle rancher on his family's farm and his own farm. He also enjoys boating and hunting recreationally on the lake.

PBR Profile

Recent Event Results

Event Ariat Invitational
Location Tacoma, WA
Date April 22, 2023 – April 23, 2023
Finished N/A
Rounds N/A
Points N/A
World Standings 33

Recent Update

Jess Lockwood visited with PBR sports med when the UTB competed in Billings.  He has since talked to Dr. Freeman last week and it’s been determined that there are no new fractures to be repaired.  And that Osteitis Pubis, a condition in which there’s inflammation where the right and left pubic bones meet at the lower front part of the pelvis is the likely cause for the pain and specific treatment can now begin to get Jess back into riding shape.  Osteitis Pubis does not require a surgical procedure to remedy.  Since it usually develops from overdoing a particular activity, OR from pelvis surgery one of the keys to treating it is rest.  Jess will also incorporate electro therapy to help break up some scar tissue.  And at the very least refrain from doing the particular activity that caused the inflammation for the time being.    Getting to a diagnosis was the key for Jess, and as he told me last week he is most relieved that surgery is not needed, and he can now prepare knowing that he can’t injure himself further when he feels discomfort in his pelvis.  In an aside to all of this Jess did qualify for the 2023 World Finals, but unfortunately he is not in any condition to ride UTB World Finals quality bulls.  Both Dr. Freemen and Jess came to the same conclusion that it would be wise for him to sit this one out for fear of incurring a different injury while compensating for his pelvis.

Jess is currently 36th in the PBR UTB world finals standings with 159 points, which would have qualified him for his 6th world finals.  With two riders inside the top 35 disqualified, Jess is officially listed as an injured qualifier as he would have replaced either of them if healthy enough to do so.  In just 4 events, Jess rode 4 of 11 outs for a 36.40 riding %.  He won 2 rounds and finished 2nd in Duluth, GA.  2 top 5’s, and 3 top 10 finishes proves once again that if healthy, Jess can compete with the best in the world.

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Stats & Bio

Hometown Volborg, MT
Birthdate September 28, 1997
Height 5' 5"
Weight 130
Family Hailey (wife)