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Gary Sullivan Project of the Week: Champion Home Standby Generators

March 25, 2017

Gary Sullivan’s “Project of the Week” for March 25, 2017 Champion Home Standby (and Portable) Generators.

Champion’s totally automatic solution provides security, convenience, health and safety – all things that every homeowner holds dear. Don’t put these things at risk during a power outage. Millions of individuals suffer from the effects of a power outage annually. No electricity means no lights, no heat or air conditioning, no internet, no refrigeration, etc. A power outage lasting only a few days can also cost the average family thousands in repairs. If power goes out, a Champion home standby generator can keep the lights on, run heat and air conditioning, keep security systems operating, power major appliances, keep the home business operating, power a sump pump, protect against frozen pipes, give you peace of mind while you’re away, and much more. No more searching for flashlights, no extension cords, no refueling in the dark. If utility power is interrupted, the home standby generator will automatically detect the outage. In a matter of seconds it will start and deliver continuous, reliable power to your home – ensuring the things you need stay on. When the utility power is restored to your home, the generator will automatically return to standby mode.

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