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Our Technology

Innovation is at the core of what we do. We pride ourselves in anticipating our customer’s needs by continually providing innovative new products and enhancements. At Champion we like to say that our engineers can “see around the corner” by providing tomorrow’s technologies today.

CO Shield® – Carbon Monoxide Auto-Shutoff Technology

Powerful Protection From Harmful Carbon Monoxide.

What’s colorless, odorless, tasteless, and poisonous? Carbon monoxide, also known as CO. Read more…

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EFI – Electronic Fuel Injection Technology

Reduce Emissions and Increase Efficiency with Electronic Fuel Injection Technology.

Although electronic fuel injection (EFI) technology has been around for quite a while, this innovative fuel system is beginning to make its mark on the portable generator industry. Read more…

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Dual Fuel Portable Generators

Run your portable generator on gasoline or propane right out of the box.

Champion’s Dual Fuel technology makes it possible to operate your portable generator using either gasoline or propane. Switching between fuel sources is safe and simple, allowing you to choose the best fuel for your needs. Power your life with innovative options for a cleaner, easier experience. Read more…

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Wireless Remote Start Portable Generators

Start and stop your portable generator from up to 80 ft. away.

Start and stop your Champion portable generator from up to 80 feet away with Champion Wireless Remote Start technology. Equipped with a convenient wireless remote key fob, this technology makes your Champion portable generator more convenient than ever. Read more…

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