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Frequently Asked Questions

Avoid hold times by checking out these commonly asked questions and answers. For more information, visit our other support channels:

Portable Generator Basics

What kind of oil is needed for my generator?
Is there a specific type of gasoline I should use for my unit?
Can you tell me about the break-in period?
How long can I run my generator for?
Can I extend the gasoline run time of my generator?
I do not want to use gasoline to run my unit, can I use propane or natural gas?
Can I parallel my inverter with another?
Can I quiet down my generator somehow?
Am I able to add a remote- or electric-start feature to my generator?
What's the best method for storing my generator?
Where can I get a manual for my product?

Contacting Support

How do I get in touch with you by phone?
I cannot get through on the phone, is there another way to reach you?
I want to avoid a phone call, what can I do?

Warranty & Registration

How do I register my new or existing product?
Where do I find my serial number?
How long is my portable generator’s warranty?
How do I find a product on your site?

Buying Parts

How can I order parts?
I received an incorrect part, what do I do?