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Generator Safety

Running your generator indoors is never an option! Here are a few tips on how to run your generator safely outdoors, by keeping it sheltered and keeping it secure.

Never run your generator indoors

There is never any reason to run your portable generator indoors. Even with the use of fans or exhaust systems, running your portable generator in your home, garage or shed will kill you!

Keep the operator's manual nearby

Keep your operator's manual in a safe place where you can refer to it easily. Become familiar with the proper startup procedures for your generator. Always read and follow the safety tips and warnings before running your generator.

Install a carbon monoxide alarm

The use of battery operated carbon monoxide alarms can reduce the risk of an accident. Replace batteries and test regularly to ensure that the alarms are in good working condition. Know the symptoms of carbon monoxide poising.

CO Shield®

Champion's CO Shield technology monitors the accumulation of carbon monoxide (CO), a poisonous gas produced by engine exhaust when the generator is running. If CO Shield detects unsafe elevated levels of CO gas, it automatically shuts off the engine. CO Shield is not a substitute for an indoor carbon monoxide alarm or for safe operation. DO NOT allow engine exhaust fumes to enter a confined area through windows, doors, vents or other openings. Generators must ALWAYS be used outdoors, far away from occupied buildings with engine exhaust pointed away from people and buildings. Meets the requirements of ANSI/PGMA G300-2018.

CO Shield® Overview

Keep Your Family Safe

As the only safe place to operate a portable generator, taking it outside is absolutely mandatory to keep your family safe from carbon monoxide. But there's even more you can do. By educating yourself about all carbon monoxide risks, you'll be better prepared to protect your family from this colorless, odorless threat.

Learn More: Take It Outside™

Generator Safety

The Portable Generator Manufacturers Association is a great resource for information on how to run your generator safely. This video goes step-by-step through the PGMA's safety tips regarding Carbon Monoxide gas exposure, and how to keep you and your loved ones safe while using your portable generator.

Watch: PGMA Safety Tips

Keeping Your Generator Safe and Secure

RUNNING YOUR GENERATOR INDOORS IS NEVER AN OPTION! Here are a few tips on how to run your generator safely outdoors, by keeping it sheltered and keeping it secure.

Video: Keeping Your Generator Safe

Covers By GenTent

Finally you can cover your generator while running it in virtually any weather! Made in the USA, the GenTent is carefully engineered to strike the perfect balance of feature and form that is much less expensive and much more convenient than stationary steel generator enclosures, retrofit plastic sheds, pop-up canopies or DIY dog houses.

More About Gentent

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