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Portable Generator Storage and Preparation

Storing a Portable Generator

All generators need to be properly stored and maintained during periods of non-use. When you add a properly formulated fuel stabilizer and store your generator in a cool, dry place, gasoline in the fuel tank has a maximum shelf life of up to one year. However, gasoline will clog in the carburetor if it isn’t used or drained within two weeks. Follow along in your owner’s manual to properly store your generator or inverter.

Preparing a Portable Generator after Storage

If your generator has been improperly stored for a long period of time with gasoline in the fuel tank or carburetor, all fuel must be drained and the carburetor must be thoroughly cleaned before you can safely run your generator. This is a technically advanced process, for assistance please call our Technical Support line at 1-877-338-0999.

If the fuel tank and carburetor were properly emptied of all fuel prior to the generator being stored, Follow along in your owner’s manual to when removing your generator from storage.