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Become a Champion HSB Dealer

Champion home standby differentiates your business in the fast growing segment of home energy independence, allowing you to sell more, grow more and keep customers coming to you.

New Homes

Security, lighting and food preparation all take on more significance with new homes, but are reliant on a continuous power supply.  Don’t just offer designer solutions, offer Champion home standby for the lifestyle solution your customers will pay for.


Smaller homes offer an ideal opportunity for a home standby generator upgrade, and Champion has made it more affordable to your customers with benefits that can’t be found at these price points.


New construction, renovation or remodel are the best time to enhance value with a Champion home standby.  Remodel magazine shows a respectable return for a one time investment:

According to Remodeling Magazine’s 2014 Cost Versus Value Report, homeowners across the country can expect to see an increase in the resale value of their homes after installing a standby generator. For New Englanders, the return on investment for a standby generator in their home can range from 67.5% to 76.9%. 1

10 Years of Coverage – FREE

What homeowner wouldn’t jump at the extended warranty on a Champion home standby. A 10 year warranty – a decade of coverage – is included FREE when you offer them a Champion home standby for their home.

Your next step to customer satisfaction is long term electrical power security with a Champion standby generator. We go the distance, 10 years to be precise, to build your value with a Champion home standby system.


  1. Power Generators (2014, November 30). Standby Generators Increase Home Resale Value.