Need help now? Call our tech line at: 1-877-338-0999

Emergency Start Procedures

1) My brand new engine won't start - what should I do?

2) I broke my starter rope (recoil) - what should I do?

3) I broke my choke lever - what should I do?

4) What type and how much oil do I put into the engine?

Contacting Champion Power Equipment

1) How can I contact your 24 hour technical assistance?

2) What information should I have available before I call for assistance?

General Questions

1) How does the three-position toggle switch control the voltage on my generator?

2) My equipment causes my generator to surge or gallop in rolling cycles, why is this?

3) I have an RV with a 3 blade plug-in but I can't connect it to the twist-lock receptacle on the generator.

4) What is the difference between rated/running load and starting/peak/surge load?

5) I am confused about the recommendation of a grounding rod attachment.

6) My generator runs great for about 20-40 minutes and then the engine just quits.

7) What do I do if I hear a loud vibration sound from my gas tank?

8) What do I do if all the parts weren't in my box after unpacking it?

9) Should I use a surge protector?

10) What is "floating neutral" and how does it affect my generator?

11) What is the best way to store my generator between periods of use?

12) How can I rewind the rope in my recoil starter?

13) How can I re-program my wireless remote control for my GENERATOR?

14) How can I re-program my wireless remote control for my WINCH?

15) How can I learn the manufacture date of my engine?