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3 Ways to Score a Touchdown This Tailgating Season

September 23, 2022

If burgers sizzling on a grill makes you think of football, you might be a tailgater. 80% of Americans tailgate every year according to a study conducted by Quicken Loans Racing and Beckon Media. 

Get Serious About Fun 

If you’re serious about tailgating fun, you’re going to want lights, music, and other items that require power. We recommend making an inverter generator part of your regular tailgating setup. 

But first, what is an inverter? 

Inverter generators are lightweight which means easy transportation, portability, and convenient storage. They are also fully enclosed and therefore quiet, which means you won’t disturb others around you or drown out conversations. If you plan to power sensitive electronics, you’ll appreciate the more refined electrical output offered by an inverter generator.

Although they can be expensive up front, over time, your savings will add up due to the variable speed engine that provides fuel efficiency and extended engine life. If you have a demanding power situation that one inverter generator alone can’t handle, you might consider a model that allows you to pair two inverters together, giving you the power advantage of a larger, heavier, generator with the lightweight, portable advantage of an inverter. 

Get Smart About Power 

Inverters are quiet. You don’t want a noisy generator drowning out the music, TV, or conversation around you. 

Inverters are lightweight. You are going to be bringing a load of gear, food, and drinks already. Your power source needs to fit in your vehicle and be easy to load, unload, and set up without straining anything or anybody. 

Inverters reduce emissions. Inverters sense how much power is needed and make adjustments. This reduces emissions, plus the variable speed can also extend your run time (and your fun time!) and the life of your engine. 

Inverters produce clean power. The clean, smooth, steady flow of power produced by an inverter is ideal for electronics that use a microprocessor. You don’t have to think twice about using one to power up your sensitive electronics. Go on and get that satellite dish, laptop, and TV going. 

Inverters are easy to connect. If you need additional power, some inverters can be paralleled with another one to increase or even double your output. Many people really love the flexibility of Champion’s ultra-lightweight inverters that are parallel-ready. If you buy a parallel kit, you can use it to easily connect two compatible inverters together when you have greater power needs. 

Inverters have special features. Choose an inverter with electric push-button start, wireless remote start, economy mode, USB outlets, surge protector, and much more.  

Get Tailgating Season Started 

Whether you’re a seasoned tailgater or just getting started, you need to know which inverter generator is the best fit for your tailgating style. Champion has a handy Generator Selector that makes it easy to think through your power requirements so you can see which generators will be the best fit for your tailgating season.