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Stay Storm Ready: Take Your Portable Generator Outside

March 2, 2016


Jill Heggen
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CLEVELAND, OHIO (March 2, 2016) – When a tornado hits, many can be left without power. The use of portable generators can help families and communities regain normalcy. However, the Portable Generator Manufacturers’ Association (PGMA) reminds users to Take It Outside during unexpected power outages.

“Engine exhaust from portable generators contains carbon monoxide – an odorless, colorless, tasteless gas that can kill if portable generators are used incorrectly,” said Susan Orenga, PGMA representative. “Taking the generator outside is absolutely mandatory to keep your family safe from carbon monoxide.”

To protect against carbon monoxide poisoning, users should always take the portable generator outside, away from windows and doors. That means never running your portable generator inside your home, garage, shed or basement, where carbon monoxide can build up and linger for hours – even after the generator has been shut off.

Additional portable generator safety guidelines include:

  • Always read the operator’s manual first and follow the manufacturer’s recommended precautions and procedures.
  • To prevent carbon monoxide from drifting indoors, always place a portable generator as far away from doors and windows as possible.
  • Place your generator downwind and point the engine exhaust away from occupied spaces.
  • Stay alert with carbon monoxide detectors. Install a battery‐operated carbon monoxide detector according to manufacturer’s instructions and check the battery regularly.
  • If you feel sick, dizzy or weak while using your portable generator, get to fresh air immediately and call 911 for emergency medical attention.

“When you take it outside, you distance yourself and your family from the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning,” said Orenga.

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About Portable Generator Manufacturers’ Association

The Portable Generator Manufacturers’ Association (PGMA) is a trade association that seeks to develop and influence safety and performance standards for the portable generator industry and its products. Formed in 2009, PGMA members include the major manufacturers of portable generators sold in North America including American Honda Motor Co., Briggs & Stratton Home Power Products, Champion Power Equipment, Generac Power Systems, Techtronic Industries Power Equipment, Wacker Neuson Production Americas LLC and Yamaha Motor Corp USA.