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Introducing Champion Power Equipment’s New Line of Dual Fuel Generators

May 2, 2014

Introducing Champion Power Equipment’s new line of Dual Fuel generators.

These Dual Fuel generators were specifically designed and manufactured to ensure ease of use for either type of fuel, Gasoline or LPG, while not compromising the operator’s safety.

Fuel Selection Switch:
Champion Power Equipment’s fuel selector switch was specifically designed with fuel safety in mind. Champion Power Equipment’s specially designed fuel selector switch’s safety feature only allows the operator to select and use one type fuel at a time. Using only one type of fuel at a time is for the operator’s safety. BOTH FUELS CANNOT BE USED AT THE SAME TIME.

Run Time:
A generator’s run time will vary depending on ambient temperature, elevation, and the amount of load it has to generate for consumption. Given optimal scenarios for all of these factors, here is what was documented during dual fuel testing:

  • Gasoline run time has been tested to run for 8 hours at 50% load for an almost full tank. (Leaving a 1/4 in. gap in the tank to allow for fuel expansion)
  • LPG run time has been tested to run for 4-5 hours at 50% load, for a standard 20 lb. cylinder. LPG run time can also vary in hours depending on size of the cylinder used.*

*To ensure a safe connection, we recommend contacting a local installer of larger LPG cylinders if you want to use an LPG cylinder larger than a standard 20 lb. or 30 lb. unit.

Champion Power Equipment’s dual fuel generators were designed to use only two (2) types of fuels, Gasoline (petrol) and LPG (liquid propane gas). The engines are also certified to specific emission standards for both fuels, so any modification of the generator and/or engine to any other type of fuel may VOID the warranty. We do not recommend installing, modifying or attaching any other fuel conversion kit to any generator.

Temperature can not only effect run time, but also oil use and consumption. Champion Power Equipment designs and manufactures all of its engines with a low oil shut-off feature that will automatically shut off the engine if the oil level falls below the threshold. Under normal temperature operating conditions, regular 10W-30 automotive oil is recommended, but for specific temperature ranges and oil type use please consult the owner’s manual.

Carbon monoxide – CO – Warning:
Carbon monoxide, commonly known as CO, is an odorless, colorless gas that is extremely dangerous and can kill in minutes. It doesn’t matter what type of fuel is used to power the engine in the generator CO is still emitted. DO NOT operate or refuel the generator indoors. DO NOT operate near open doors, windows or vents, and make sure that the generator is outdoors and uncovered at all times during operation. In addition to operating outdoors to avoid CO poisoning it is also recommended to leave at least 5 feet of space on all sides from combustible materials, and at least 3 feet of space on all sides of the generator for cooling.

Severe Weather Preparedness

April 30, 2014

Champion Power Equipment office building

As severe weather sweeps across the country, make sure you are prepared to keep your family and home as safe and secure as possible. Making and following a simple emergency checklist can make the world of difference before, during and after a storm. Here are a few resources to make sure you and you family are prepared and know what to do during an emergency that results in a loss of power.

Ohio Committee for Severe Weather Awareness – Portable Generator Safety Information

OSHA’s Tornado Preparedness and Response – Response/Recovery

1-800-prepare.com – Natural Disaster Preparedness Checklist