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Important Generator Safety Tips

April 28, 2014

Things can be chaotic when the power goes out. Having a back-up source of power may have lifesaving benefits for your home, loved ones or business. If you plan on using an generator during emergencies and power outages, it is vital that you take the proper precautions when setting up and using your generator. Follow these simple guidelines to help protect you, those around you and your generator.

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Ethanol Gas Left in Generators May Disable Them, Experts Say

April 23, 2014

First it was boat engines and lawn equipment. Get ready now for potential hassles with portable generators. Leaving gas in your generator or not adding ethanol stabilizer at the end of hurricane season last year can mean trouble this hurricane season.

For Safer Emergencies, Give Your Power Generator Some Space

April 22, 2014

To subdue the steaming heat of hurricanes or to thaw out during a blizzard, gasoline-powered, portable generators are a lifeline during weather emergencies when homes are cut off without electricity. But these generators emit poisonous carbon monoxide.