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Champion Power Equipment

Model #100736

12 ft. Propane Hose Extension Kit

Extend your reach with Champion’s Propane Hose Extension Kit. Featuring no-tool installation and a handy storage strap, this ¼-inch diameter hose has ACME Type 1 connectors. This 12-ft hose kit is perfect for RVing so you’ll never struggle to move your propane tank again.


Extended Reach

The extra 12 feet allows you all the length you need to connect your LPG tank to your power source with no performance reduction

Storage Strap

The handy hose storage strap keeps your hose ready for use and the handle is perfect for carrying or hanging in storage


Perfect for RV use, you’ll never struggle to move your LPG tank again thanks to the extra long reach

ACME connectors

ACME Type 1 male and female connectors, plus no tool installation and can be used with any Champion Dual Fuel generators


Champion Support includes 1-year limited warranty


The Champion Power Equipment 100736 12-foot Propane Hose Extension Kit is the perfect accessory when you’re powering up with propane. The hose is ¼ inches in diameter and may be used with any Champion Dual Fuel unit.

Never struggle again to move your propane tank the next time you try to connect your generator to its power source. 12 feet in additional length is just the ticket for powering up your RV with the maximum amount of convenience.

Featuring ACME Type 1 male and female connectors, this hose extension kit can be connected with no tools required.

Power up with no worries since no performance reduction means the extra length won’t hinder your power.

Hold, store, and organize your hose with the handy storage strap. The included handle allows you to hang your hose to store it and carry it where you need it.

Buy with confidence – Champion Support will back up your purchase with a 1-year limited warranty.

What’s included

  • Propane (LPG) Hose
  • Storage Strap


Accessory Category Generator, Inverter
Accessory Type Extension, Propane, RV


Length 9.3 in.
Width 8.7 in.
Height 2.8 in.
Weight 2.2 lb.