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Jess Lockwood Lincoln 2021 Recap

October 27, 2021

Jess Lockwood returned to action this past weekend however it didn’t go as he would have hoped or planned for.   Jess bucked off his round one attempt and in doing so he realized that he wasn’t ready for the rigors of PBR UTB quality bulls.  By his own account everything felt good going in, but his post ride follow-up with Dr. Freeman revealed that Jess has what is believed to be scar tissue build up on the groin which needs to be addressed.  Lockwood will not compete in the upcoming Velocity Tour Finals and will now focus on the start of the 2022 season.  Jess will finish his season ranked 48th in the PBR world standings with 119.50 points.

2021 was an injury plagued season that saw Jess enter and compete in 9 PBR UTB events and one 15 / 15 Bucking Battle round.  Jess had some success in Glendale winning the event championship round (his lone round win of the year) and finishing 2nd in the event.  He rode 3 of 20 attempts (15%) over the course of the season and will finish no higher than 48th in the world standings.  Although he will finish the season outside the top 35, Jess will begin the 2022 season on the UTB tour as he will have 2021 injury exemptions and his World Champion exemptions guaranteeing his spot.