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Ultimate Inverter Decibel Challenge

September 19, 2017

YouTube user Generator Power Source has recently conducted some very cool and in-depth field tests to find out which inverter was the quietest in real-world conditions. Guess what? Champion came away with the “Quietest Generator Under Load” award. Check out that video below and also check out the Generator Power Source YouTube channel for more great videos.

Video: Quietest Generator Under A Load

Much to our surprise the largest inverter generator that tested was the QUIETEST generator under a load. The 3500 Dual Fuel generator by Champion really impressed us! Not only was it the quietest under a load, it was the quietest at 50′ in eco mode.

What makes this generator more enticing than the super quiet operating levels is the fact that this generator is RV ready. Additionally, it can be paralleled (although this unit is supposed to provide enough power for a 15,000 BTU Air Conditioner).

Video: Ultimate Decibel & Load Test

Generator Power Source conducts a sound and load test on the top name portable inverter generators including, Honda EU 2000i, Generac iQ2000, Energizer eZV2000P and eZV3200P, Westinghouse iGen2000, Champion Dual Fuel 3,500, & Coleman Powermate (open frame) 3,500.

So which is the quietest? Well, it turns out that, it depends on whether the generator is under a load and at what distance we take decibel readings. We have included readings from at the unit, 20′, 30′ and 50′. Surprising enough, one of the largest generators in the test was the quietest generators under a load.

We also tested voltage drop when a load was applied. We used a 1500 Watt Heat Gun to apply a load to these inverter generators. This is a silent, yet, power hungry device which would tax the generators. The smaller generators experienced the largest voltage drop. one generators even went form an idle of 124V down to 80V when the load was applied.