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Bassmaster Elite Angler Shane Lineberger Partners with Champion in 2019

January 21, 2019


Santa Fe Springs, CA (January 18, 2019)—Champion Power Equipment, a market leader in power generation equipment, announced today that it has added angler, Shane Lineberger to its roster of “Sponsored Champions” for 2019. Lineberger, who competes in the Bassmaster Elite Series, will represent the brand’s line of winches and inverters, and will also test and evaluate products, and appear at events throughout the season for the Sante Fe Springs, Calif.,-based company.

“It starts with our name,” Todd Welzbacher, of Champion Power Equipment, said. “We believe in supporting those dedicating their time and energy to live like champions. Shane (Lineberger), and the outdoor lifestyle he represents, is important to our culture and our brand. Our customers have a passion for the outdoors, and we have a passion to provide both dependable and durable power products. Whether you’re on the lake, at home, or at work, we make the power that makes your life easier. On behalf of everyone at Champion Power Equipment, we wish Shane the best of luck this season.”

Lineberger, from Lincolnton, N.C., kicks off his third season in the Bassmaster Elite Series in the 2019 Eastern Open at Harris Chain of Lakes in Leesburg, Fla., January 24 to 26, 2019.

“As an outdoor enthusiast, it’s important to have power and dependability in our products, and that’s exactly what I get from Champion Power Equipment,” Shane Lineberger, Bassmaster Elite Series angler, said. “After a full day on the water, I can charge my boat batteries anywhere, any time using a Champion Inverter. They’re lightweight, quiet and fuel efficient, so I’m powered-up in the morning for a full day of fishing.”

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About Champion Power Equipment:

Since 2003 Champion Power Equipment has earned a reputation for designing and producing the market’s finest power equipment. From our original headquarters in Santa Fe Springs, California, Champion has expanded its North American footprint to include facilities in Jackson Tennessee, Milwaukee Wisconsin and Toronto Canada. Today Champion’s product line has expanded to include portable generators, home standby generators, inverter generators, engines, winches and log splitters. With over 2.5 million generators sold in North America, Champion is a market leader in the power equipment field.

5 Things to Do Now to Prepare for Winter Storms

December 7, 2018

If you’ve ever endured a prolonged power outage in the dead of winter, you don’t need anyone to convince you how important it is to be ready in case a winter storm hits. No power means no heat, and if heavy snow, blizzard conditions and icy roads are part of the mix, getting out of the house might not be an option for a few days. Here are five things you can do to prepare for severe winter weather. 

1. Back up your power

The first priority, of course, is the health and safety of your family. If you lose power, do you have a plan for keeping your family safe and warm? If you don’t already have one, purchasing a reliable generator should be the first thing on your list.

There are two main types of generators for winter storm preparation: portable generators and home standby generators.

A portable generator is great if you only want to back up a few essentials. Portable generators come in different sizes, they run on either gasoline or propane, and they don’t need to be installed.

If you’d like to power more than just the essentials, or even your whole home, you may want to have a standby generator installed. Standbys never need refueling since they’re connected to your propane or natural gas system. Your home standby generator starts automatically when the power goes out and returns to standby when power is restored, ensuring warmth and safety for your family during a winter storm power outage.

2. Prepare your home

To prevent expensive damage from burst water pipes, consider insulating pipes in exposed areas and when the temperature drops, remember to let water drip from faucets served by uninsulated outdoor pipes. Keep the warmth in and the cold out by installing storm windows or insulating your windows from the inside with plastic. Also, check around your doors for air leaks and add weatherstripping where needed. Trim any tree branches that could be a danger to your home if they fell, and make sure your roof and shingles are in top condition so they can withstand heavy snow and strong winds.

3. Stock up on supplies

If you live in an area where ice storms frequently cause power outages, make sure you have a first aid kit, medications, a portable phone charger, batteries, flashlights, and a battery-powered radio, as well as a three-day supply of water and non-perishable food for your family and your pets. It’s also smart to keep your gas tank full and have extra propane or gasoline on hand to fuel your portable generator.

4. Secure and protect outdoor items

Store or cover outdoor items that could be damaged during a winter storm. No matter how bad the weather is outside, it’s never an option to run your portable generator or inverter inside. The best way to protect your investment is with a Champion Storm Shield generator cover. You can run your generator with confidence in severe weather, since the cover withstands winds up to 70 mph, snow loads up to 18 inches and rain up to 12 inches a day.  

5. Purchase a snow blower

Unless your idea of fun is removing waist-high snow from your driveway with a shovel, you might consider purchasing a snow blower. A snow blower can help you clear your driveway after a snow storm in record time, and it could be a lifesaver if you need to leave your home during an emergency. If you already own one, get it serviced each fall so it will be ready to go when you need it.

If you’ve been putting any of these items on the back burner, get prepared now and you and your family will be able to face the unknowns of winter weather with confidence.

GenTent® Expands OEM Agreement With Champion Power Equipment To Cover Inverter Class Generators

September 27, 2018

Champion Power Equipment has demonstrated continued success in the Covered by GenTent™ program, tripling original projections of FY2017.

Nottingham, NH – September 27, 2018 – GenTent Safety Canopies, LLC., today announced it has expanded their original equipment manufacturer (OEM) agreement with Champion Power Equipment to include new hardware to cover Champion’s inverter class portable generators. The agreement enables Champion Power Equipment to offer a branded, color-coordinated GenTent system, custom fit to now fit all of their portable generator models.

“We’re seeing more and more customers move towards inverter generators and our digital hybrid model due to the reduced size/weight, clean power produced, reduced noise level, and better fuel efficiency” said Jake Stadler, Inverter Generator Product Manager for Champion Power Equipment.  “With the positive response to our Storm Shield portable generator covers, Champion is excited to offer a convenient weather resistant solution to our users invested in our inverter generator line.”

Partnering Champion Power Equipment with the Covered by GenTent™ OEM program has yielded tremendous success in FY2017, tripling the original projections, and laying the ground work for the product line expansion in FY2018. GenTent’s market-leading canopies keep not only generators but generator operators safe by protecting the electrical panels while running in inclement weather — including blizzard and hurricane force precipitation.  Inverter class portable generators have become an increasingly popular sub division of the generator market, and Champion Power Equipment is consistently one of the leaders in the space.  The expansion of Champion’s now industry leading Storm Shield running cover is a natural step in continuing to grow the reach of their brand and satisfy their customers with the same quality they expect in the Champion product line.

“The GenTent is designed to help protect families, not only in times of emergency but anytime there is need for portable power. We are dedicated to helping customers use their power safely.” Said Brian Dobson, Business Development Manager for GenTent Safety Canopies.   “We are proud to partner with Champion Power Equipment as they lead the way in their industry for customer safety. The expansion of the Storm Shield product line is a big step towards ‘WeatherProofing’ all portable power options in the market.”

Champion Power Equipment’s Storm Shield, its custom version of the GenTent 10k for inverter class generators, will be available throughout Champion’s online and retail sales channels with anticipated availability in the Fall of 2018.



About Champion Power Equipment
Since 2003 Champion Power Equipment has earned a reputation for designing and producing the market’s finest power equipment. From our original headquarters in Santa Fe Springs, California Champion has expanded its North American footprint to include facilities in Jackson Tennessee, Milwaukee Wisconsin and Toronto Canada. Today Champion’s product line has expanded to include portable generators, home standby generators, inverter generators, engines, winches and log splitters. With over 2.5 million generators sold in North America, Champion is a market leader in the power equipment field. For more information visit:

About GenTent Safety Canopies
Established in 2011, GenTent® Safety Canopies are easy-to-install weatherproof covers that ensure safe operations of portable generators in virtually any wet weather conditions while keeping the generator portable. The GenTent reduces CO poisoning or electrocution risks by enabling portable generators to safely operate outdoors away from structures during wet weather. Installation is a simple 3-step operation – Clamp it, Frame it and Cover it – to “Weatherproof Your Power”™.

The company’s patented, portable generator safety canopies are U.S. made and relied on by the National Guard as well as homeowners and businesses during such notable storms as Hurricane Sandy, Irma, Harvey, and Maria. GenTent is considered the premier safety canopy for portable generators operated by RV owners, tailgaters, campers, homeowners, businesses and first responders. For more information visit: