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Simplify Lawncare Like a Champ

August 1, 2022

What motivates you to keep up with your lawn? Do you want to win Best Lawn in the Neighborhood, make the HOA happy, or maintain the property value of your home? You might just want to feel good, and maybe a little proud of yourself, too, when you drive up to your house. 

You might be interested to learn that keeping your lawn maintained helps the environment. A well-maintained lawn can slow stormwater runoff, reduce noise pollution, keep soil structure loose and open, and clean the air.  

No matter what motivates you to maintain your yard, having the proper equipment for each outdoor task will help you avoid frustration while saving you time and effort.

Professional landscapers have the right equipment for each job. Why shouldn’t you? 

No matter what outdoor outcome you’re hoping for, Champion has a tool to help you get there more efficiently.  


After you mow, you’re going to need to trim the parts of your lawn and garden that your mower can’t reach. A string trimmer, also known as a weedeater or a weed wacker adds a neat, finishing touch to a freshly cut lawn. Gas-powered trimmers are ergonomic and lightweight and can help you get the manicured look you want for your lawn. 

A curved shaft trimmer feels balanced and lets you see and maneuver around objects in your yard as you trim around flower beds and under bushes. A straight shaft trimmer provides a longer reach and helps you trim in tight areas with confidence.


If you want to give your lawn that professionally edged look with minimal effort, consider a walk-behind edger. Who knew that taking a walk could transform your yard from overgrown to edged in no time? A curb hop wheel adjustment feature makes it easy to edge along your curb, and if you want a special, decorative edge along your flower beds or mulched areas, you’ll love the fact that you can adjust the blade bevel angle up to 15 degrees to the right or left. 

Leaf Blowers

After mowing, trimming, and sawing, there is usually debris that needs to be taken care of. Having a leaf blower handy can transform an hour-long raking or bagging chore into a simple 15-minute task. A handheld blower is an ergonomic and efficient way to clear away yard debris with minimum effort. You can choose from a lightweight handheld blower, a backpack blower, or a walk-behind leaf blower. Backpack blowers and walk-behind blowers are excellent tools for moving large volumes of garden and yard debris quickly. If you leave your rake in the garage and choose a blower, you can be sure you’ll save your back and have time left over for other things you want to do. 

Maintaining and Storing Your Equipment

Now that your garage is neatly equipped with everything you need to have a great-looking lawn, you’ll want to be sure you maintain your equipment well so it will be ready to operate when you need it. 

If your equipment has a 2-stroke engine, remember this: Premix. Make sure you never mix the oil and fuel in the product’s fuel tank. Read the manufacturer’s directions carefully and always premix the oil and fuel in a separate container first, then add the mixture to the fuel tank on the product. 

If your equipment has a 4-stroke engine like the walk-behind edger, you will not mix oil and gasoline. Follow the directions in your owner’s manual for adding oil and fuel separately, and after use, be sure to store your equipment the right way to save yourself time and trouble later on. 

Before storing your equipment for an extended period of time, we recommend you either drain the fuel from the machine or use a fuel stabilizing additive. If you’re getting equipment out of storage in the springtime, do a spring check-up of all your equipment in case you stored your tools with gasoline in the engine. Gasoline that’s been sitting in an engine for an extended time can cause issues with your equipment so it may not be ready for use when you need it. 

Depending on the type of equipment, you may also need to check the oil and change it before the beginning of the season. If your equipment has an air filter, take the time to clean and inspect it, and replace it if necessary. 

Do your tools have pull cords? If you’ve ever experienced a pull cord breaking when you’re ready to get down to work, you know how frustrating that can be. Pull out all your cords periodically and inspect the entire length and check for cuts, breaks, or fraying. Save yourself a lot of time and trouble later by replacing the cord immediately if you notice any damage.

Check your edger blades to make sure they’re sharp and mounted correctly, and be sure your weedeater spool has plenty of string. It’s also wise to check your tools to be sure all the bolts and fasteners are tight.

CO Shield® Press Release

July 29, 2022

July 29, 2022

CO Shield®: Champion Power Equipment’s Technology Monitors the Accumulation of Harmful Carbon Monoxide

Champion Power Equipment is taking a large step in generator safety by equipping and transitioning all models manufactured after January 1, 2023 in its portable generator lineup with CO Shield, an advanced carbon monoxide (CO) detection system.

CO Shield monitors the accumulation of carbon monoxide and shuts down the generator when unsafe levels are detected. CO is colorless, odorless, tasteless, and poisonous.

The dangers of carbon monoxide are real. It’s impossible to determine the presence of the harmful gas by sight or smell. CO Shield is not a substitute for safe practices or an indoor carbon monoxide alarm.

Generators must ALWAYS be used outdoors, far away from occupied buildings with engine exhaust pointed away from people and buildings. Engine exhaust fumes must never be allowed to enter a confined area through windows, doors, vents or other openings.

When unsafe elevated levels of CO gas are detected, the CO Shield LED alert will pulse red to indicate dangerous levels of carbon monoxide and the generator will shut down.

As a charter member of the PGMA (Portable Generator Manufacturers’ Association), Champion helped develop the ANSI/PGMA G300-2018 portable generator safety standard, including this important update addressing carbon monoxide safety.

Since portable generator safety is the top priority for Champion, they urge their customers to remember that no generator feature can ever replace safe operating procedures. CO Shield is now available on current and newly released generator models.

According to Champion, CO Shield was designed for reliability and longevity. The UL-listed sensor tests itself automatically and lasts a minimum of a decade.
CO Shield Technology is one of many examples of how Champion Power Equipment is working tirelessly to provide advanced, innovative features to ensure its customers have safe, reliable power whenever they need it.

Champion’s CO Shield is not a substitute for safe practices or an indoor carbon monoxide alarm.

Visit www.takeyourgeneratoroutside.com to learn more about generator safety and the hazards of carbon monoxide, and look for CO Shield on Champion generator models.

Why Camping and Inverters Are a Perfect Match

July 1, 2022

Going camping for vacation? You’re not alone. According to Kampgrounds of America (KOA), 57 million households headed to the great outdoors last year, with 80% of all leisure travelers choosing some form of camping or glamping for some of their trips.* 

Whether you’re a seasoned camping enthusiast or ready to try something new, you need to decide on a power source. 

If you’re planning to add a standard portable generator to your camping gear, consider an inverter generator instead. Here’s why. 

Inverters are Quiet, Save on Fuel, and Reduce Emissions

Ask people why they’re choosing to camp and most will say something about peace and quiet. What they’re envisioning usually doesn’t involve a loud generator.Inverters are quieter than traditional generators because they’re fully enclosed which means you won’t disturb others around you when you want to power up your coffee maker.

Campgrounds and parks have noise ordinances for many reasons, and it’s wise to make sure the generator you purchase will stay well within the boundaries of what’s allowed. Just like those around you, you’re probably camping to enjoy the wildlife, not scare it all away.

The noise level of an inverter depends on what’s connected to it. It senses how much power is needed and makes adjustments. This lowers the noise level, saves big on fuel, and reduces emissions. An inverter’s variable speed can also extend your run time and the life of your engine. 

Inverters Produce Clean Power

Clean power is defined as 3% or less THD (Total Harmonic Distortion). The THD level of some traditional portable generators can be as high as 9% which makes them less than ideal for powering many electronics. The THD of inverters is usually below 3%, many times as low as 1%. 

The clean, smooth, steady flow of power produced by an inverter is ideal for electronics that use a microprocessor. Inverters produce some of the cleanest power around, meaning you don’t have to think twice about using one to power up your sensitive electronics. 

Inverters Are Easy to Transport and Easy to Connect

For outdoor activities when you’re camping, you need a power source that’s lightweight and easy to transport from one place to another. An inverter’s fuel tank and other components are smaller, making them much lighter and more portable than traditional generators. 

If you want to use an inverter but need additional power, some inverters can be paralleled with another one to increase or even double your output. Many people really love the flexibility of Champion’s ultra-lightweight inverters that are parallel-ready. If you buy a parallel kit, you can use it to easily connect two compatible inverters together when you have greater power needs. 

Inverter Selection Made Simple 

Whether you’re glamping in your RV with a TV, gaming console, and air conditioning or roughing it in a tent, you need to think about what items require power and whether or not you’ll be using several of them at the same time. Champion has a handy Generator Selector that makes it easy to think through your power requirements so you can see which generators will be the best fit for your needs. 

Inverters are available with many other special features, such as electric push-button start, wireless remote start, economy mode, USB outlets, surge protector, and much more.   

Whether you plan to camp for an extended season, take a week or two with the family, or enjoy a quick weekend getaway, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’ve chosen a power source that’s the best fit for your needs.  

For lightweight, portable power on the go, grab an inverter and take it with you on your next camping trip.

 *Source: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/camping-hits-new-record-with-57-million-households-flocking-to-the-outdoors-in-2021-301531301.html#:~:text=About%20seven%20million%20leisure%20traveler%20households%20will%20try%20camping%20in%202022.