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Champion Power Equipment

Model #201107

1638 Wh Li-ion Power Station Expansion Battery

Champion's 1638 Wh Lithium Ion Expansion Battery adds run time to your Champion Power Station. Charge it with solar, AC power, or both, and add up to 10 batteries per power station. The Easy Connect DC Solar Charge Harness offers multiple charging options including solar panel connection.


Increase Run Time

Connect this additional battery and add 1638Wh to your power station


Li-ion advanced battery technology delivers lasting fade-free power plus you don’t need gas, there’s no engine, and no emissions


Charge your battery to 80% in 2.8 hours AC or solar charge time, or use AC and solar power together and get a quick 1.4 hour charge time

Expansion Options

Chain up to 10 expansion batteries per power station to add up to 16.3 kWh capacity and dramatically increase run time

Save Space

Stack expansion batteries on top of the power station or each other (adapter required if stacking multiple batteries, contact customer service to order for FREE)


The Champion Power Equipment 201107 1638 Wh Lithium Ion Expansion Battery is the perfect solution to increase run time for your Solar Generator Power Station. You can pair up to 10 expansion batteries per power station.

Be confident you have plenty of off-grid power for your homestead, ice fishing shack, or hunting cabin.

The Easy Connect DC Solar Charge Harness is equipped with 3 MC4 connectors, plus an APP port if you want to use your solar panel to charge your battery directly. The MPPT solar controller makes sure your battery is harnessing as much power as possible from the sun. Your battery gets 440W of charging power from AC wall power or solar power. Use both at the same time and get 880W of charging power.

Charging to 100% is easy. Choose to use AC wall power and it takes 4.5 hours. Use solar power to get charged up in 4.8 hours. AC plus DC in just 2.3 hours. In a hurry? Get yourself powered up to 80% in a little more than half that time. Champion’s innovative design provides power on the go how, where, and when you need it.

Keep one or more extra charged-up batteries on hand to ensure uninterrupted power for your RV, van life, or camping. Extra batteries are a great idea if you want to provide backup for a few essential items in your home, or even power your pellet grill or sound system while tailgating.

On the job, avoid downtime by keeping extra batteries charged and swapping them out as you work.

You’ve got options! Dramatically increase capacity and run time by chaining up to 10 of these batteries together to add up to 16.3 kWh to your power station setup. This innovative, stackable design is a space saver and is compatible with Champion power station models 100593 and 100594. (Note: A stack adapter [PN SS11372] is required to stack multiple Expansion Batteries. Get a FREE stack adapter by contacting customer service.)

The advanced lithium-ion battery technology includes low battery protection, delivers lasting, fade-free power, and sets you free from needing to keep fuel on hand.

Buy this extension battery with confidence – Champion Support and our nationwide network of service centers will back up your purchase with a 3-year or 1000-cycle limited warranty and FREE lifetime technical support.

Stacking 2 or more expansion batteries?

To stack multiple Expansion Batteries, a stack adapter (PN SS11372) is needed. Contact customer service to receive your adapters FREE of charge.

What’s included

  • AC Charge Cable
  • AC/DC Charging Module
  • Battery Connection Cable
  • Easy Connect DC Solar Charge Harness


Capacity 1638 Wh
Expansion Battery Chainable Yes
Parallel Capability No
Run Time at 100W 16.4 hr.
AC Charge Time to 80% 2.8 hr.
AC Charge Time to 100% 4.5 hr.
Solar Charging Yes (MPPT)
Solar Connection Options MC4, Anderson Powerpole
AC + DC Charge Time to 80% 1.4 hr.
AC + DC Charge Time to 100% 2.3 hr.
Battery Chemistry Lithium-ion NMC
Low Battery Protection Yes
Simultaneous Recharge & Discharge No
Life Cycles 500
Charging Temperature Range 32-113 °F
Discharge Temperature Range 5-104 °F
ETL Listing cETLus


Length 13.4 in.
Width 10.2 in.
Height 6.7 in.
Weight 24.9 lb.